Unlocking the energy future

GridUnity® is a platform-as-a-service energy analytics company that accelerates the interconnection and optimization of distributed energy resources such as solar, wind, storage, and other smart grid technologies. GridUnity’s advanced System-of-Systems design combines predictive analytics, machine learning, configurable business processes and cloud computing to enable utilities to create a new operational excellence model.

GridUnity helps maximize returns from existing systems and grid infrastructure while reducing the complexity of designing and operating a reliable and responsive distributed energy network. Founded in 2010, GridUnity’s customers include Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison, and the three Hawaiian Electric utilities.

Our team of expert power system engineers, enterprise platform developers, and analytics specialists is unified through a shared mission to transform the world’s energy supply chain by accelerating the integration of distributed energy resources. We are doing this by:

  • Increasing penetration of renewable energy with proactive analysis and streamlined grid interconnections
  • Increasing grid reliability and security in a distributed energy market with dynamic planning and optimization analytics
  • Rebuilding trust between market regulators, utilities, customers and partners, with more responsive and transparent communications

By unifying disparate systems, processes, and departments through shared workflows, GridUnity enables utilities to reclaim time from routine tasks and focus on strategic decision-making. For example, through automation and analytics, technical screens and supplemental reviews can be completed 98% faster with GridUnity then those conducted with traditional approaches.

Utilities, regulators, engineers, media and investors are all talking about how GridUnity is transforming the energy operational model. Take a moment to contact us to find out more.